Important Information

Welcome to calle del Áncora, 35, bajo-izq (ground floor, left), your home away from home for the next few days! Throw open the persianas, open the doors, flip on the “lights” on the electric panel behind main door. Make yourself a coffee!


On this page you will find all the information you need to enjoy your stay. Should you need anything extra, please don’t hesitate to contact or reach out by text or e-mail.

Tracy +1-609-556-5068 or

Wifi & TV

First things first: the WiFi password is a scanned QR code on the Wifi box under the TV in the living room! The TV in the guest room is a Smart TV, where you can access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.


The Arganzuela district of Madrid is a very safe residential area. But please take normal precautions and utilize the alarm system when not home, or at night. The system is Securitas Direct. It is a continuous, 24-hour security system.

To activate the complete security (when leaving the house), press the top left icon (see pic above). Shut and lock the door upon exit.

To activate partial security (while you’re in the home) press the bottom left icon. All but the motion sensors will go on.

In case of emergency, to call police, press BOTH the two bottom buttons. You can talk and the police can hear you, even if they do not speak. You can also press the little “SOS” button on the sentry thermostat.

The alarm itself is on the kitchen counter. If it goes off,  I or the property manager will get a call immediately. We will in turn call you. You can also press the SOS button to call for immediate assistance.

SAFE WORDS: I will text them to you before arrival!

To get back in the house and deactivate the alarm, enter through the door and wave your key fob over the alarm panel. You will see a green light. This will deactivate the alarm.

Important safety tips: ALWAYS keep front gates and back gate locked.


Trash cans go out on the street every night after 6PM, as per the building maintenance person. Please follow trash and recycling guidelines shown below. Orange lid is for general trash. Please take ALL YOUR TRASH OUT prior to leaving.


The washer/dryer can be found on back patio. It is a washer and dryer all-in-one. Lavadora secadora Whirlpool FWDG 961483 SBV SPT de 9 Kg y 1.400 rpm. It allows for 9kg of wash; but only 6 kg to dry. PLEASE DON’T OVER STUFF.

How to use: power on; choose your cycle via the knob; hit play.

Two EASY settings are Wash/Dry (the 90 min cycle) or simply Wash (45 minute cycle). I typically only use these two. The laundry pods go directly into the wash bin with the clothes. If you opt to use bleach or fabric softener, please pour in cup holder on left. A drying rack, iron and ironing board can be found under the master bed (it lifts up from the foot of the bed).

Coffee Maker

The Krups coffee maker takes Nespresso pods (easy to find at any grocery store). Please leave a pod or two behind for the next guest. There’s also a cafetera and a french press. If you prefer someone else make your coffee, Sésamo, the café across the street, has great coffee. Tell Juan I sent you! To use the Nespresso pods press BOTH top buttons to start. Once the buttons have stopped blinking, you can either press small shot or a larger shot. To fit a larger cup under the machine, lift the tray!

Noise Restrictions

Please keep noise/music to a minimum. This is a very quiet building.

Local Information



The emergency number in Spain (equivalent to 911 in the U.S.) is 112. The home security system also calls the police immediately if you press the SOS button on the Alarm Sentinel.

House Manager

Agnes Csomos manages the property. A good person to call if you’ve lost your key (don’t lose your key!!!) +34 651 13 31 26

U.S. Embassy in Madrid

Telephone (+34) 91 587 2200 Email: For emergencies outside of normal business hours, please call (+34) 91 587 2200.

Closest Police Station

C. de Méndez Álvaro, 83, 28045 Madrid, Spain (in or next to Atocha Station)

Closest Train Station


C. de Méndez Álvaro, 83, 28045 Madrid, Spain

Closest Metro Stations


Palos de la Frontera



Farmacia Lobo Carpizo

Calle de las Delicias, 25

M-F 9:30AM-1:45PM; 5-8PM; Sat 10-1:45; Closed Sundays (4-min walk)

Farmacia Delicias

Paseo de las Delicias, 5,

OPEN 24 HOURS (9-min walk)

Medical Centers (Clinicas)

Medical Center Atocha

Calle del Gral. Lacy, 12,  (3 min walk) M-F 10:1:30; 5-8PM; Satuday and Sunday Closed

Maestranza Medical Center, Calle de Téllez, 30,  (15-min walk) Hours: M-Th 7-11PM; F 7-10PM; Saturday 8Am-9PM; Sunday 8AM-9PM

Grocery Stores

Lidl; Calle Àncora, 3 Your little hometown market, right down the street.

Ahorramas Paseo de las Delicias, 41, 43 (4-min walk) Hours: M-S 9AM-9:30PM; Sunday Closed


Caixa Bank; Paseo de las Delicias, 13 (8-min walk)

ATMs can be found throughout Madrid. I recommend using bank ATMs only, not touristy style ATMs.

COVID Testing (PCR)

There are COVID test sites all over Madrid. These are three that I recommend:

Barajas airport

Life Length

Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 46, 28010, Madrid. Book your appointment online:

Eurofins Lab (mailed test-at-home kit)